Family that doubles together, gets rich together

The Family Doubler (Double) Fund blog is the Leskowitz Family written progress of doubling to $1 million from one penny. Our method is primarily based upon the Doubling Method outline in "How to Double Your Way to a 1 Million in 28 Steps". Please join us in our journey to riches or at least to fun.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 19th, 2011. (Day 25): Step Thirteen

Step Thirteen: $20.00 - $40.00 
Stake coming into this Step:$27.76

Now, I know what you are thinking.  Paul, you were doing so good.  Over $50!! Now you are back to the $20s - you Loser.  

Trust me.  The ad strategy will work.   I am so confident that I bought Will one too.  He is building it now so I do not want to steal his thunder.  It cost us (-$7.67)

Today, I went to Burger King to get a salad.  Yes, a salad and there was a penny on the ground, a shiny penny ($0.01) at that.  The place was packed.  So I grab my order when leaving and checked to see if it was correct which so happened to be over the penny.  Then I said, "Oh, a penny, good luck for me"  The irony was it was tails up and I forgot to get a fork when I checked the bag.

Faith and Michele went shopping somewhere (they did not tell me because it involved Christmas presents) and found six cents ($0.06) 

Grand Total: $20.16

Monday, December 19, 2011

December 18th, 2011. (Day 24): Step Fourteen and Thirteen

Step Fourteen: $40.00 - $80.00 
Step Thirteen: $20.00 - $40.00 Stake coming into this Step:$50.77

Now sometimes you have to spend money to make money.  Today, Faith and I decided to buy a few domain names and advertise on a blog to make our fortune.    It cost us (-$23.01)

We reserved: 
http://giftforteenagegirl.com/  It points to the blogger site http://giftforteenagegirl.blogspot.com/  Please visit (and visit an advertiser) for Faith.  She is maintaing it.

http://beachhouseideas.blogspot.com/  It points to the blogger site http://beachhouseideas.blogspot.com/
This is me doing the ideas on building a beach house.

I have a third one that I will not give out yet. We are still working on it.

Feel free to tell all your friends about our sites

Grand Total: $27.76

December 17th, 2011. (Day 23): Step Fourteen

Step Fourteen: $40.00 - $80.00 
Stake coming into this Step:$50.75

The good roll ended.  However, money is money and it all has to be accounted for.  We stopped at Subway after hearing Will whine about how hungry he was (I will take it out of his Christmas presents).  While we were paying (or trying to pay actually because the credit card machine was down and I had to get cash which cost me $4) I spied a penny  ($0.01) on the ground near the corner.  I ordered Will to get it which he did with no issues.  Good boy.
Later that day Michele made her mark.  She found a penny  ($0.01) in the Big Store in the check-out lane.   What a great wife.

Grand Total: $50.77

Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 16th, 2011. (Day 22): Step Fourteen

Step Fourteen: $40.00 - $80.00 
Stake coming into this Step:$50.04

The help the boss strategy (Entertainment Strategy) is still working.  I went to work today (on my day off, foolish).  Again, he was still packing.  I gave him a hand since he needed one (really he has only one working hand, pun intended).   We came across some change ($0.72) and he knew that I knew I was longing for it.  He gave it to me.  Sometimes being nice does get you something.  

Being in the generous mood (but not to generous), I walked to Freddy's office and gave him a penny (-$0.01).  He was so happy and put it in his little piggy bank. I netted ($0.71)  I almost did not give it to him.  It is hard to find money. 

Grand Total: $50.75

Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 15th, 2011. (Day 21): Step Twelve, Thirteen & Fourteen

Step Twelve: $10.00 - $20.00
Step Thirteen: $20.00 - $40.00
Step Fourteen: $40.00 - $80.00
Stake coming into this Step: $16.80
Today, was one of the top ten happy days of my life.  I beat the old best day.  I have a new best day.  Again, I have to break this post up since funds we coming in from all directions.
Quiet Morning & Lunch

It is interesting to learn that there is loose money everywhere.  This morning walking down the parking ramp I see a penny ($0.01) in the middle of the ramp.  What is that all about - how did that get there?  I braved my life and walked over to pick it up.  The parking lot is a raceway.  I earned that one.

Then walking to the work, I saw a penny ($0.01) in the entrance to the building in the underground.  Tails up does not scare me.  At lunch, I had the trifecta, while in line, I saw a penny ($0.01) on the ground.  I was so happy that I took a picture of it. 
I will try to this more going forward.  The guy who I was with was in front of me told the owner to keep the change.  He dropped it in the tip jar.  The irony is there was a on the way back from lunch there was a handicap lady asking for change and he did not offer her any money.  I do not think the owner of Rajun Cajun needs the loose change as much as she does. 

Who knew cleaning can be so much fun
At the end of the day after gorging on the Christmas food from the company party,  I sat in my office feeling like a stuffed turkey.  I went out to talk to Tracy to finalize her performance review (not there by the way) and coming back I went to drop the bad new to my boss that all the drawers had to be cleaned out for the move.  (Mario has a bad habit of breaking bones like wrists so moving anything is hard for him).  He, like me, picked up the phone to confirm the rumor.   No answer, I left chucking knowing the one armed bandit was screwed.

Returning to my desk, he called to me to help him.   I just finished a project up and the day was over so why not.  I helped him clean and we were PILING loose change into a cord bag.  He told me to take a handful of coins out for helping him.  Being fair, I closed my eyes and pulled out the money.  I counted over $10.  He came by later and asked what I netted in the BofA, I told him $12 which he then returned another $2 to beat Mike. 

Going back to work, he called me again.  He wanted to gamble with me on the guessing how much change was in the cord bag.  No way would I risk my stake.  Gambling is not allowed.  We counted it anyway and determined it was roughly $100.  Either feeling generous or not wanting to deal with the pennies, he gave them to me.  I took them.  I counted $9.69 in pennies alone.  In total I netted ($22.69)

Now, I return back to my desk.  I soon get a call from Mike and says  "Come get my change."  Having no shame, I said "I will come with a smile."  Mario was there urging him to give me money (the best boss ever).  I happily took the change.  I counted ($10.25) tonight.  Great guys.  Though I consider the money a fee for my entertainment, not charity. 

Thank you wheel chair people
At dinner before punishing the two oldest for bickering, Will said he found ($.27).  He found two cents at school near the office.  The quarter he found while going to Space Center Houston.  He saw it near the wheel chair line coming into the building.  Breaking the rules, he went over to get it.  Money trumps school rules.  I figure it was dropped my a person in a wheel chair, probably the same lady begging at the corner after lunch. Today's findings below"

Grand Total: $50.04

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14th, 2011. (Day 20): Step Eleven & Twelve

Step Eleven: $5.16 - $10.00
Step Twelve: $10.00 - $20.00
Stake coming into this Step: $6.14

December 14th, 2011. (Day 20)
 The best day of the challenge to date (in terms of money added not % increase).  I have to break this post up since funds we coming in from all directions.
The Lost Dime 
A few days ago, I mentioned that Faith found a dime.  Well guess what, she gave it to me.  For the record, I did not add it to the stake so I am not double dipping. ($0.10). 
Cup O Pennies
Read the whole passage before you pass judgement.  My floor is moving to a different floor on Friday.  In the process, people are packing.   I saw a coffee cup sitting on an empty desk (from a laid off coworker) and claimed it for myself (fair game in the world of layoffs).  There is a story behind the mug that involves Freddy shattering my old Starbucks mug and the gift of a Vendi size mug that is simply too damn big. 
Now, the delima begins.  Is the loose change ($1.27) fair game?  I consulted my friend Freddy and he said no.  I thought "The person left it there because he has issues against Honest Abe, so it is okay to take."  But I could take it.  Being a CPA has its downsides.  Disappoint, I left it there, passing it everyday longing it.  Today, however, I consulted to the head of building operations and proposed the question to him.  He said that it was free to take and my friends was good enough for me.
After my success (lunch time), I went to see a friend to gloat.  I told him my findings.  He made the mistake to tell me that there was a pile of change in Andy's old desk.  He had a similar delima and could not take it (by the way, he wanted me to proposed the question to Ethics).  
So I emailed Andy to ask him.  He said techinally "BofA" (name of the change drawer)  was not his and the rightful owner was Mike.  Mike sits by me so I wandered over and asked him.  He said yes, on one condition.  He wanted to know how much was in the desk.  Well, Mike, thank you for the ($8.75)!! I just doubled.  Mike gave me penny before I left ($0.01) as a added bonus.  I am not ashamed to take pennies.
Raining money
I went to claim my stake which now sits behind David.  He heard that I was coming.  I emailed Gloria (guard of BofA) to give her notice that I was coming.   We chatted about power plants and my doubling game.  He pitched in ($0.53) in loose change.  Thanks David.
Tonight, I counted up everything and netted $16.80.   I am busting over the seams with pennies that I am adding a new rule exception #4.  "Pennies can be traded up"
Grand Total: $16.80

December 13th, 2011. (Day 19): Step Eleven

Step Eleven: $5.16 - $10.00
Stake coming into this Step: $6.13

December 13th, 2011. (Day 19)
 Against my better judgement, tonight we went to select the family Christmas tree.  A few years ago we waited a week before Christmas and got the best deal at Home Depot.  I think it was $10 for any tree in the yard.  They were basically throwing them away but not this year.
Not to be a scruge, I gave in and agreed to buy a tree.  Now, I did not lose all my judgement.  I refuse to get a high dollar Noble or any tree over 7ft.  Michele crings every year.  She wants a tall tree so bad but I refuse to spend over $40 for a tree that I will burn on at the beach house at New Years Eve (tradition). 
Anyway, as always, I order the kids to find some money and as normal I was the only finder.  I think the newness is wearing out.  I looked under the checkout counter and found a shiny new penny ($0.01).  The guy said I could have it.  I had to really reach bad to get it.  He will probably not balance out tonight and get fired over that penny.  ha ha ha

Grand Total: $6.14

December 11th, 2011. (Day 17): Step Eleven

Step Eleven: $5.16 - $10.00
Stake coming into this Step: $6.12

December 11th, 2011. (Day 17)
 The day looked so promising.  We went to the Big Store to buy some milk, actually I went to find some loose change, and to no luck no money.  I guess we cleaned it out the week before and we need some more time to make it grow again.  Again my kids were on the ground like beggar children.  I am so proud.
That night I got another chance.  My son came to me and showed me his wart on his hand that he has been treating with acid.  That thing looked like there was a pencil ereaser growing out of it.  It was embrassing (I told him that his mom did not love him for not treating it by freezing). 
I went to CVS and while leaving by the door.  I found a penny ($0.01) on the ground between by the stereo they were playing Christmas music.  I said to myself "Merry Christmas to me"
Grand Total: $6.13

Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10th, 2011. (Day 16): Step Eleven

Step Eleven: $5.16 - $10.00
Stake coming into this Step: $5.76

December 10th, 2011. (Day 16)
 Another strategy day that came together.  Today, we went to the Robotics Legos competition for my son's school (his team won 1st place and he was the captain, not bad for the kid who was not good enough for the team last year and I had to start a competing team, a different blog subject).

Again, as my current mantra goes "Where there are people, there is money."  It started out so good.  I found a nickel ($0.05) on the ground between some cars going to the school.  Will claims he saw it first but odd how I picked up and and mentioned it.  He then said I pushed him to get the coin.  I probably did but it was unintentional.  

Later the morning, the rest of the family came to see the competition.  Hope came up to me excited and said she found a quarter ($0.25) in the parking lot.  Those Clear Creek high school kids have holey pockets.  

Thinking like a loose coin, I thought where would I find a coin.... near the concession stand, of course.  Walking towards it, I saw something small and shiny.  I told Faith to go get it.  She came back and I said "Did you get that penny?" She replied, "No, it was a dime."  Score.  Now the mistake of the day, she did not give it to me and left it in her pocket so I cannot claim it until it is in the plastic bag with the rest of the loot.  

Later at lunch, I found four more cents under the tables ($0.04).  Holey pockets again!  Clear Creek needs to have a home mech class and teach those kids how to sew.   Who needs to a business class if you can't keep your money in your pocket.   

Then recycling a coke can, I came across two more pennies ($0.02) on the side of a coke machine.  That was the last of my findings today.   I netted a total of $0.36.  

Grand Total: $6.12

Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9th, 2011. (Day 15): Step Eleven

Step Eleven: $5.16 - $10.00
Stake coming into this Step: $5.72

December 9th, 2011. (Day 15)
 Today, we went to the mall to Christmas shop.  I figured where there are people, there is money.  It started out so good.  I found a quarter on the ground; however, it was near the back of a kiosk.  My ethics kicked in and I gave the quarter to the sales guy.  I figured he dropped it when ringing up the customers and he needed to balance the draw at the end of the night.  In reality, he is going to use the quarter to help buy his cigarettes.  

We went to a store not to be named in this post because little eyes like to read the internet.  I found a penny while waiting in line for the register; then I saw a another walking out the door under the display racks ($0.02).  

My friend Heath walked with us while we leaving and near another kiosk I picked up a penny.  Heath then saw another right next to it and I picked that one up too ($0.02). Merry Christmas to me.

Grand Total: $5.76

December 8th, 2011. (Day 14): Step Ten and Eleven

Step Ten: $2.56 - $5.16
Step Eleven: $5.16 - $10.00
Stake coming into this Step: $4.22

December 8th, 2011. (Day 14)
 I had lunch with a friend of mine on Wednesday who is also a vendor of my company.  We went to college together, same class and minor (I remember her, she does not remember me).  I gave her my story and she said that she would humor me.  Actually, she said "Do you think I am stupid?"   I responded "You know Merrill has been calling me lately.  I have not talked to Renter in a while." (Note, I was joking as the story will explain)  She quickly became stupid and said she would give me a dollar.  As a separate transaction, I offered her $10 to some toys of tots program she is helping with next week.  

Anyway, today I met her and gave her the $20 instead and she gave me six quarters ($1.50).  Note I told her that she did not have to give me anything so the extra fifty cents was her doings.  

I gave her instructions to give the extra $10 to the child she finds for me to adopt.  I have no problem in adopting a 4-7 year old girl.  I am done with babies and girls are fun to spoil. 

Grand Total: $5.52

Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2nd, 2011. (Day 8): Step Ten

Step Nine: $2.56 - $5.16
Stake coming into this Step: $2.01

December 2th, 2011. (Day 8)
 Today was another good day.  I had lunch with coworker, Kevin.  I gave him my story and I figured he would not buy it. Kevin was never the kind of guy to give into my crazy ideas.  I worked on him before on an idea to give a poor person in Indonesia a IPOD touch while he was doing so missionary type of work.   He said they didn't even have electricity where he was going but I thought an IPOD would make the guy the coolest person on the tribe, maybe get him another wife.   He wouldn't do it.  (I did manage to give $200 to a friend who bought some family a crap load of eggs and some other junk.  I was disappointed in him too.  I gave instructions to be wasteful and he bought food instead.)
But anyway, I think I got Kevin while was recovering from a cold, so he was weak.  He mentioned he heard a story about a guy who did a similar thing and became a millionarrie.  After lunch (which by the way we split 50-50 and he had a more expensive meal ... and you think I am stingy), he gave me a dollar for a penny.  Again, I netted ($0.99).  Thanks Kevin
After lunch my boss dropped ($0.05) and Greg gave ($0.05)  Foolish.  I did not even trade with them.  Greg gave me some long story that I need to scale up.  That is what I am doing.  I have made an infinite return so far.  King of the ROI.
Later, I heard Freddy, another coworker, was sick so I called him up for Starbucks, on me.  We went and while in line, I spotted a dime ($0.10) on the ground.  I called it.  Then I saw a penny ($0.01) on the counter.  I called it again.  Freddy had the nerve to tell me to drop it in the tip jar.  Hell no.  It is hard to make money.   I have to bash Freddy a little.  He told me that he cashed out his piggy bank then he gave $10 to the charities outside the store.  That is like when your wife saved money by buying clothes on sale.
Later tonight, we went to Home Depot to RETURN some things.  James found a penny on the ground in the parking lot.  It was dark too.  He must be part bat.   I was so happy that I took every one to Subway.
Grand Total: $4.22

December 1st, 2011. (Day 7): Step Nine and Ten

Step Nine: $1.28 - $2.56
Step Nine: $2.56 - $5.16

Stake coming into this Step: $2.01

December 1st, 2011. (Day 7)
 Here is what I am learning.  This doubling stuff is hard work.   I would hate to be a homeless person.  It's tough to find loose change.  Credit Cards limit your chances.  Well, today looked like a bad day until the end.  Michele finally got into the game.  She found ($0.01) in while she was pumping gas at the Valero station (in Clear Lake).  Those rich people throw away their money. 

Going home, I decided to find someone to give the beach house to this weekend since we have other things going on.  I finally called Arturo and offered up the house.  He declined and asked how I was doing and I mentioned that I was still in the game (he got me started in the first place).  He said that if I saw him tonight he would give me a dollar.  I said where and when.  He was going to the Seabrook tree lighting so when I got home I packed up the family to find him.  

I found him and offically traded a penny for a dollar so I netted  ($0.99)  The best part of the night was we all got free cookies and cocoa to boot.  As we Leskowitz say "If it is free, take it."    

Grand Total: $3.00